MICE @ CONFIAS represents unique opportunities to Corporate for Business Development, be it an informal event with existing partners, Forum for Prospective Investors, Customers and Suppliers, Information Exchange or Introduction of new Technologies.

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Meetings bring people together in one place for the purposes of Information Sharing, Discussing and Solving Problems. During a meeting we usually provide Invitations, Registrations, Reminders, F&B, be it Board Meetings/ Management Meetings/ Shareholders Meetings or Meetings with Partners, Suppliers & Clients. venue.

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We provide customised Incentive Travel Programs through a specifically designed Management Tool for rewarding and motivating Corporate Sales Representatives, Dealers, Distributors, Production Workers, Support Staff, and in some cases Customers at events such as National Sales Meet and Sales Kickoff.

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Conferences/ Conventions are scheduled annually/ biannually organised for a Corporate with a theme related to the Organisation's Topic, here we provide services in terms of Registration for the Convention, organising of sessions, discussion, F&B, dinners and site visits for Trade Gatherings at an International/ National or Regional Level.

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We design customised Events for a Corporate to unveil new products, services and Information to potential customers or buyers. Events range from Rewards & Recognition, Team Building, Company Annual Day, Family Day at work, Social gatherings such as Weddings/ Engagements, Music Concerts, Festivals.

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